SODIM TP has four specialized and ultramodern workshops: a workshop dedicated to light vehicles (RENAULT, MAZDA, ISUZU, JMC), the SOGI WORKSHOPS specialized in industrial boiler making and naval, and heavy-duty workshops (MAN) and machineries (KOMATSU , DYNAPAC, GROVE and DIECI) specialized in the preparation and maintenance for the brands represented by SODIM TP. SODIM TP has focused its commercial policy on the reliability of its services, mainly on its reliable and efficient after-sales service:

During the delivery of new vehicles or after intervention by workshops for maintenance or repair SODIM TP workshops prepare all vehicles before their delivery: dewaxing and registration in the case of new vehicles, systematic washing of all vehicles leaving SODIM TP.


The SODIM TP team is at your service for all your requests for repairs, quotes, and technical information. As soon as your vehicle (automobile, truck or machine) enters the workshops, a receptionist writes a repair order indicating your needs in terms of work to be performed. This document allows the establishment of a quote.

After the repairs, the work done is subject to a rigorous control and tests of your vehicle are carried out. The replaced parts are returned to you in full. Upon delivery of your vehicle, you will be given a summary sheet of your vehicle specifying the additional work to be carried out immediately, that which must be carried out as soon as possible and finally the repairs to be envisaged during the next repair.


To obtain a quote which only relates to spare parts, simply go to the spare parts counter with the vehicle registration card. If the repairs are mechanical, it is preferable to go to the workshop reception with the vehicle that is the subject of the request. Maintenance and heavy installation or repair work SODIM TP’s workshops are perfectly equipped to work on light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles and machineries, for recurring light maintenance, general mechanics, diesel injection, electronics, air conditioning and tires.


SODIM TP has four specialized and ultramodern workshops !