The INDUSTRIAL BOILER MAKING department of the SOGI WORKSHOPS is a renowned economic actor in these different trades :


The SOGI WORKSHOPS are key actors in Gabon when it comes to equipping logging trailers. The company designs, in close collaboration with its customers, machines perfectly adapted to local needs. For this reason, the SOGI WORKSHOPS surround themselves with partners of international renown, such as BPW in terms of running gear (axles and suspensions). The design office of SOGI WORKSHOPS, equipped with the latest CAD software, designs and develops very resistant metallic structures.


Operating in a difficult environment, and to ensure the safety of workers, construction equipment must imperatively be fitted with robust equipment. Many local stakeholders trust SOGI WORKSHOPS and its expertise in this area. To meet the expectations of all its customers, the SOGI WORKSHOPS offer includes equipment suitable for both the Komatsu and Caterpillar ranges.


The SOGI WORKSHOPS manufacture heavy carriers for the road transportation of machines and equipment for the forestry, mining, agricultural, building, construction and public works sectors. At the cutting edge of innovation, the SOGI WORKSHOPS offer reliable and robust carriers to meet the needs and requirements of professionals. Our carriers adapt to the requirements of local road transportation (exceptional or not) in terms of flexibility, productivity and profitability.


The SOGI WORKSHOPS are specialized in the design and manufacture of platform on chassis for the transportation of personnel; custom-made for increased comfort and safety and always perfectly suited to local operating conditions.


Large oil groups such as SHELL (today ASSALA ENERGY), TOTAL or Gabonese oil distribution companies such as PETRO GABON, have found high-valued partners with the SOGI WORKSHOPS for the manufacture of their tank trucks. Perfectly suited to local operating conditions, these tanks fully meet standards.


The INDUSTRIAL BOILER MAKING department of SOGI WORKSHOPS is a renowned economic actor in Gabon and Central Africa.